The Declaration Day of the World Teacher;
Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy; The Christ;
Imam Mahdi; Messiah; Fifth Buddha; Krishna;
The Master of all the Masters; Chief Guardian
Angel of all mankind; and Chief Agni Yogi —
Will happen sooner than planned

Please Awake Now—by consciously, willingly
and fully Open One's Heart, Mind, Ears & Eyes.

We will all experience this Most Important Event
in the whole history of planet Earth and
There will be many more good news to come
especially the DAY OF DECLARATION
"The World Teacher's open mission has begun.

He was introduced not as the World Teacher and
Head of our Spiritual Hierarchy, but simply as a
man, one of us. In this way, He “ensures that men
follow and support Him for the truth and sanity of
His ideas rather than for His status”.

He spoke earnestly of the need for peace,
achievable only through the creation of justice
and the sharing of the world’s resources."
Our brothers and sisters all over the world are in
great need of our help
.  Sharing is the true nature
of our Soul.  We can help in many creative ways.

We can and will create a tsunami of sharing that
will reach every corner of the world

Never be complacent !!!  Awake and let one's Soul
!!!  Only through Sharing and True Justice !!!