4.)  Calmness is related to Equilibrium
and Inner Courage.  Inner Courage is
Constant Readiness for Bold Thinking
and Action.

Lord Reminded all of us to Always
Love, Respect and Appreciate Those
Who Dare to Lead Others onto the
Best and Right Path.

Even an Extraordinary Lord of
Supreme Compassion (
) Becomes Advocate for
** On Behalf of Mankind's
Freedom and Justice

Calmness is the Garment of Wisdom.

5.)  Lord Reminded All Disciples to
Always Dare to Speak Up for Truth
and) to Share True Teachings, even
when danger of Belittle, Ridicule,
Rejection and Hostility, so on;
especially for young ones.
8.)  Their main purpose and goal is to
serve and sacrifice for God and to
materialize God's Plan for the Common
Greatest Good and All Good.

9.)  They never show off their spiritual
powers, their wisdom, nor ever make
claims regarding their "high level" of
spiritual attainment or achievement.  
But they will joyfully and humbly
mention about their Selfless service.

- - -

B.  Gems of Wisdom from Lord

1.)  Lord Said that the most important
Victory or Success is achieved by
Solitude, Silence and Stillness.
(+ Selflessness).

2.)  True Morality is only achievable by
Inner Discipline with Courage and
Strong Will, through living in one's inner
life by constant inner Self-Discipline.
**  Also See: Agni Yoga, Supermundane, 572.
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