*** Only when mankind conquers
selfishness, becomes Selfless..

)  Then enable to achieve Fiery
Purification, follow by Transmutation of
one’s energy centers by [Cosmic] Fire;

*2.)  In turn, can open the way to gate
of Tower [Spiritual Hierarchy].

*** selfish ones can never achieve
‘transmuting fire & resurrection’
[are spiritually dead..]

*1.)  selfishness is the breeder of all
grey accumulations;

*2.)  When selfishness obscures the
spirit, the
transmuting fire certainly
cannot reach it
Not peace, but a sword?
(Matthew 10:34)

)  Lord’s Sword is for Purification
of mankind’s spirit by [Cosmic] Fire.

)  Evil Wicked ‘dark ones’ created
mankind’s wishful thinking of false
peace [no true justice].

*3.)  As those only resting on false
peace, will end up with self-destruction.

*4.)  So must smite [or destroy] the
'personality false pride' of mankind
through Purification by Cosmic Fire.

*5.)  Only then, enable to link mankind’s
spirit to Higher Worlds.