(IV)  Sacrifices For:

a.)  Common Good Of All;

b.)  Righteousness;

c.)  Justice.

(V)  Is Totally Without: Hypocrisy,
Breach Of Trust and Lies

(VI)  Always Proves By Actions,
Rather Than Just Talk

(VII)  Has ""The Solution To Mankind’s
Common Problems"" — Through His

a.)  All-Rounded Earthly Experience;

b.)  Enormous Knowledge And Wisdom,
Both Ancient And Current
Section IV.

Restoring True Justice

* * *

(G)  What Are The Qualities Of True
Leader ???

A True Leader:

(I)  Is Totally Selfless — Proven By
Historic Evidence And Spiritual Proofs
Over Millions
* Of Years.

(II)  Dares To Speak Up and Act
For Truth and Justice;

(III)  Is Fearless Of Own Death;
* Throughout known history, we can find a few good true selfless leaders among human
beings – known as disciples of Higher Spiritual Beings (like Buddha and Christ).