f.)  Indeed, this virus can only be stopped
by God—mankind
cannot stop it !

( Near future, we will mention more
comprehensively about this
extraordinarily unusual virus. )

* * *

***3.)  Let Us Again Remind Our
Dear Brothers And Sisters That:

""Mankind's Only Solution""—To
Survive The End Times and Continue To
Live And Evolve Further & Higher

-1-●  Choose Service to God.

-2-●  Achieve Soul Union With
Lord Christ's (or Maitreya's) Higher

-3-●  We still need to continue
implementing daily
worldly preventative
like: staying home (only going out
when necessary
), washing hands, wearing
masks, social distancing and
avoiding crowds
and packed places
-4-●  Never Give Up !

(i)  Do
not choose the easiest way out—

Implement One's Strong Will To:


Serve God.

Sacrifice For A Better & Brighter Future
For The Younger Generations.

Achieve Union With Own Inner Living
Christ Consciousness
Through Daily
Inner Seeking By ‘3 S’

-5-●  Regularly Chanting
The Great Invocation.

-6-●  Daily Holding:

Fearless Thoughts.

Selfless Thoughts.

Goal-Fitting Thoughts.

Will To Live & Serve God Thoughts.