-7-●  Everyday All The Time—
Totality Of Striving

i)  Only Those Who Strive Totally
Can Make It In Three Years!

ii)  So One Must Having Solemnity
(Or The Highest Degree Of Seriousness)

To Fully Utilize One's Available Free
""Seeking The Inner Living:
Christ And God Within One's Heart""

Through Daily ‘3 S’
(Solitude, Silence and Stillness).

Remember That God And Lord Will
Give Their Helping Hand
Only When We
Do Our Best
—When We Become Totally
Exhausted And Helpless…

So beware of doing things halfway,
partially or superficially
for example: those
who cannot bring themselves to totally cut off
unnecessary: chatting, dancing, socializing
and other worldly activities—
Cannot Make It
Within Three Years
***b.)  Meaning Whosoever Can Fearlessly
And Selflessly Prove Themselves

By Daily:

Holding Heartfelt Gratitude And Love
For: God, Lord and Humanity

Holding Selfless, For Common Good,
Goal-Fitting Thoughts
To Help
Materialize God's Plans And Lord's

Chanting Lord Maitreya's Great

Seeking Union With Lord Maitreya The
Christ's Consciousness
By ‘3 S’ With
Inner Focused Meditation

Totally Detaching From All earthly and
temporary: ones, things and desires…

Lord Will Give His Helping Hand—To
Help This One To Achieve ""Fiery Heart""
In The Shortest Time Of ""Three Years""

(Which Usually Needs At Least Seven Years)
-8-●  Focus On Surviving The Next Four
To Five Years…

(i)  That strictly and severely means
no more desiring for: comfortable living,
having funs or having worldly pleasures.

(ii)  Obviously we still need to eat and sleep—
but beware of attachment to comfort and rest.

(iii)  Trust in God and Lord—making the most
with what one has—not trying to make more
money out of fear, doubt or greed.

* * *

4.)  To Review And Summarize: Due To The Dire
Dangers And Urgency In These ""Last Of Days""
With All Its Catastrophes, Calamities, Cataclysms,
Chaos, Crises, Disasters And Destructions—

***a.)  Lord Maitreya Will Do His Utmost To
Help All Those Who Can
Strive With Totality
(According To A
ll We Just Mentioned In #3)
To Achieve Union With His Higher