***d.)  Only Then Can One Enable To
Sequentially Achieve

i)  Firstly, ""Free and Independent
To Free Oneself From:
Enslaving, Imprisoning and Mind-Controlling By
Forces Of Darkness, through many & various
fleeting (materialistic / money) traps

(ii)  In Turn, Enable To Attain
""Resurrection Of One's Spirit"";

iii)  Lead To Achieve ""Full Union With
Lord / Own Higher TRUE SELF""

(Become Spiritual Soul Infused Personality).

iv)  Then Will Achieve The Most Essential
(To Survive The End Times
and Continue To
Exist and Evolve Further & Higher):

"""Fiery Heart (aka Buddhic-,
-, Fiery- Consciousness—Or
Fully Awakened and Continuously
Expanding Inner Consciousness
)""" !!!

(v)  So Finally Achieve
"""Own Eternal Salvation"""
--  Self-Quarantine (or Lockdowns)—As
Grace and Best Opportunity To Practice

‘3 S’ and Choose Selfless Service To God

As The Only Way To Achieve True:
Protection And Salvation –
Especially Now Until The End Of 2024

* * *

42.)  Whether Advised Or Imposed, The
Gradual–To–Total: ""Locking Down Of
Cities, States and Nations""
That Is Already
Happening Now—
Is Esoterically (Or In
Hidden Truth

A Grace And Blessing In Disguise

b.)  Especially for spiritually: deprived and
ignorant mankind to

I )  Seek, Know and Choose To Serve
""God's Plan and Lord's Mission""

( II )  Begin Seeking Lord and God
WITHIN—By Focusing More On
Inner Life"".