*7.)  Their motto is:

“I am who I am.”

“I am what I am.”

“There is no God,
because we are god!”

“We are the center of the universe!”

“In the whole universe, we are the
highest civilized mankind!”

“On Earth, we are higher and the
masters of all other races!”

“Apart from us, everyone is lower
and evil!”
f.)  Then, when they suffer, they try to
blame others.

*5.)  They are prone to
(and vulnerable to):

a.)  Very quickly and easily become
addicts to: alcohol, drugs (especially
opioids now), substances, sex, even
perverted sex.

b.)  Become ignorant masses
(we know as herd mentality),

c.)  Be use by Evil Wicked dark ones.

6.)  They are slayers and deniers of All
Reality, Truth and Beauty (like God,
Soul, Law of Karma, Law of Rebirth,
Higher World, Spiritual Hierarchy,
Infinity, etc..).