One’s consciousness cannot*:

i)  Awaken,

ii)  Expand Continuously,

iii)  Uplift,

iv)  Eventually Perfected.

Externally, they are:

a.)  affluent & materialistic,

b.)  worldly: intelligent and educated,

c.)  very self-centered,

d.)  arrogant,

e)  proud,

f.)  “macho” mindset,

g.)  pretending like ‘very powerful,
secure and strong’;
8.)  They are looking for (or waiting for)
shepherd to lead them, regardless of
bad or good, false or true, etc..

a.)  So they have no ability to correctly
distinguish, discriminate and discern

(i)  Right and wrong,

(ii)  Good and evil,

(iii)  Justice and injustice,

(iv)  Beauty and ugliness,

(v)  Benevolent and malevolent,

(vi)  Higher and lower,

(vii)  Real Freedom and slavery, etc..

***b.) Always Remember:
Without Free and Correct Thinking
(or Pondering)..
* Also, anyone who is not mindful (or attentive) – it is sign that their consciousness is fixed or dead.  So why
Buddha (Gautama) said to all new students that they must pass mindfulness, before receiving spiritual teaching.