a.)  By knowingly and willingly denying:

(i)  Everything that is proven True,

(ii)  Even the obvious ""Great Law of
Karma"" and ""Law of Periodic Rebirth""
(or Reincarnation).

b.)  They believe in just one present
life—when die is finished.

*c.)  By thinking (and believing)
they have only ‘one life to live’

*d.)  And by sticking to their evil-
distorted ‘golden rule’

They think they: should and can:

(i)  do whatever they want,

(ii)  fulfill all their carnal mind desires,
(B)  Signs and symptoms of dead or
stop growing consciousnesses

1.)  They lacking Higher: Aspiration
(or Drive, or Urge, or Desire) beyond
their own ‘little will’ (or
false self,
aka personality).

So they keep on doing the same self-
serving, routine, earthly things – by
their old habits.

2.)  They do not have any interest to
know about: Truth, God, Higher World,
the Unknown, Invincible and Invisible,
so on..

3.)  They cannot accept and believe
anything they cannot see or touch by

4.)  They foolishly choose to be
ignorant (despite ignorance is not
mandatory or compulsory);