***(J)  Serious consequences of
group’s failure to complete
assigned spiritual tasks

1.)  Master(s) will stop blessing to failed
group and its members

***2.)  Blessing means: transmission of
higher spiritual energies—necessary

a.)  Creative materialization,

b.)  Protection of entire group and each

3.)  Also, the spiritual development of
the failed group (and each member)
will slow or stop – due to Master(s)
withdrawal of energies and forces
(of higher evolution)
2.)  Also, when leader of a spiritual
group departs—

a.)  There is no excuse for other
remaining members:

(i)  …unable to take over departed
leader’s work and tasks,

(ii)  …stop to carry out unfinished work

b.)  One or all remaining disciples –
must taking self full responsibility to
carry out, until finished and completed

c.)  So if next successor (or new leader
of spiritual group) fails to carry out
assigned works – then
all members
(and new leader) have to take full