Question: Who is responsible for failure
to complete and finish their assigned
spiritual tasks ?


LMW: No one Master is responsible
for disciples’ failure to complete and
finish assigned spiritual works

a.)  Indeed, it is always disciple who
must take responsibility.

b.)  And also disciple’s spiritual group;

c.)  Because of wrong choice of
members (or co-workers) – the disciple
who decided and chose, must take full
responsibility for his wrong choice.
(I)  Taking Self Full Responsibility to
Complete Assigned Spiritual Tasks

Outside the window sounded a call.

One worker ignored it with
"Don't disturb me, I am busy!"

Another promised to come
but forgot.

A third came after his work was
finished, but the place was already

A fourth was set a tremble at the
call, and, putting aside his tools,
went forth at once with, "
Here I am!"

This is called the tremor of
sensitiveness. Only this tremor, lit by
the consciousness day and night,
leads to spirit-knowledge. ...
* Agni Yoga, Book Two: Illumination; III, V, 9.