(K)  Discipleship to a Master or Lord

)  Master DK revealed that,

a.)  ‘Accepted Discipleship’ and
‘Sonship to a Master’

i)  One-to-one personal relationship
between student and Master.

ii)  Selfless service and giving for
spiritually serving group, one’s Master,
Lord and Spiritual Hierarchy

(iii)  Past karma and old association
between student and Master.

b.)  Sometimes, seekers can meet the
technical requirements for initiation;

i)  But if not accepted* by a Master
or Lord

ii)  Then seeker will remain isolated
and unrecognized by Lord and Spiritual
4.)  If failure is very serious—to hinder
or cost own Master, Lord and Spiritual
Hierarchy’s Important Mission and

Then all responsible disciples will:

a.)  Bearing Heavy Karma,

b.)  Even prone to cut tie (or sever link)
to Spiritual Hierarchy and Cosmic Chain

5.)  The one or more disciples—most
directly responsible for failure that
caused loss to own Master, Lord and
Spiritual Hierarchy – must bearing the
most responsibility or heavier karma
* LMW: for example, due to seeker’s: spiritual selfishness or disobeying to proven totally
selfless Higher One (this includes, if applicable, one’s provided earthly true teacher).