10.)  Many are those who are helped,
relieved and saved
by pronouncing a
Name of the Lords with Total Faith.

*11.)  Only through consciousness of
complete and utter [total] urgency, one
enable to swim across the raging
currents of river.

12.)  The method and pattern of work of
the dark ones:

a.)  First to sow disbelief.

b.)  Next saturate it with selfish desires.

c.)  Then inflate these into crimes and
reap a double harvest.

13.)  We have a language of silence,
besides the sacred language.
[ Notes: Not trivial earthly.  
Most importantly, long-lasting and
beautiful for spirit, soul and life. ]

6.)  Desire can grow.

7.)  Desire can renounce or modify.

8.)  As the huge water torrent is
rushing on, not due to its own desire
but because of an inevitability out of
necessity, so nothing can impede its

9.)  Spirit know where is impulse of
desire, and the rock of necessity.

[ Notes: We have to discern and
correctly choose between wants and
needs. ]