Teacher Himself never claim like this
because We know the Plan and
tirelessly conceiving new details.

Important Wisdom Notes

1.)  A smile of determination is the best

*2.)  Disciple must acknowledge the
goal and devote oneself to the

Teacher’s plan.

3.)  Every personal desire is harmful.

4.)  Desire is not achievement.

*5.)  Achievement is the realization of
necessities, so striving towards
achievement is require.
3.)  Our goal is not to be Teachers,
but Co-Workers.

4.)  One must finely realize that through
mutuality, absolutely everything will be
brought to useful fruition.

5.)  It is always better and wise to
approach the highest and greatest with
difficulties and hardships, than to
master the small with ease.

6.)  As different seas have different
waves, so space gravity [magnetism or
‘force of pulling’ or attraction] must be
held secure, not only through its
contents alone, but through application,
much can be strengthened.

7.)  One should not proclaim the
destructive formula by saying that,
“We have already attained.”