[ Notes: Please aware, we only use the
intuition to approximately
describe what is straight knowledge.  
Because the word:
intuition is commonly
misinterpreted and misunderstood. ]

b.)  Spiritual diagnosis.

c.)  Discrimination.

d.)  Which will affirm to help rejection of
false, and an appreciation of truth.

5.)  Knowledge which comes from within
— absent of apparent conditions, was
considered the highest.

[ Notes: We know as Spirit Knowledge
or Straight Knowledge. ]
Truth in time

1.)  Truth is progressively, sequentially
and successively revealed in
accordance with the requirements of a
particular age.

2.)  But only a fragment of a whole is
revealed in sequential time, fit for a
particular age.

3.)  As whole truth is infinite, so
unknowable and unattainable by finite:
striving within time and using mind.

4.)  All disciples, only by continuous
striving with honesty and sincerity of
thought, will lead to

a.)  Development of Straight Knowledge
or Spirit Knowledge; or