16.)  Indeed, For Selfless Righteous:
Seekers and Disciples—
No Guilt Is Very Important

a.)  So Always Need
Clear Mind And Pure Heart,
Through Selfless Motive""

b.)  And Always Remember To Comply
and Practice The
Most Important,
Beautiful, Simple, Universal True
and Golden Rule From Lord—

“To Treat Others, How We Want
Others To Treat Us.”

(  Also see: Ways to purify one’s Heart

Reminders on overcoming fear and guilt

Protecting One’s Spiritual Soul  )
▪  (selfish lowly-evolved ones): due to
their ignorance, arrogance, greed
making profits, possessing, taking
from others
), etc. – everyday creating
and accumulating bad
& heavy karma.

(a)  Remember, whenever one takes
something, means other(s) lost what
was taken.  So it is very important to
balance the two currents of giving and
taking – to avoid begetting bad and
heavy karma from: (i) harming others,
(ii) taking indiscriminately, (iii) simply

by one’s own greed !

b)  Also, whenever motive is selfish—
then fear, then have to lie and hide

(not transparent).

c)  Solution for selfish,
hypocritical and deceptive
people is—
they must:

 First Realize their Sin* / Mistake,

 Then Repent,

 By Totally Correct It.