Protecting One’s Spiritual Soul

14.)  As Earthly: Oppressions,
Persecutions and Tortures–

a.)  Only Hurt The Temporary Form
(or Vehicle, or Personality); Not Hurt
The Inner Spiritual Soul;

b.)  Even The Most Miserable And
Painful Moments Are Temporary And
Eventually Gone

***15.)  The Most Important Is That
One’s Spiritual Soul …

a.)  ""IS Safe (able to stay
and save human soul)""—

(i)  By Protecting and Preserving*
Own Spiritual Soul; Through Correctly,
Knowingly and Willingly: Daily
Expressing And Practising As
""Primary Spiritual Soul Nature"";
b.)  Even If Oppressed One Forgave All
But If Still Bearing
Other Serious Karma

i)  Oppressed One Still Must Go To
Lower World

ii)  But Will Not Need To Meet
Oppressor(s) Again—To Work Out
Other Unsolved Karma Between Them.
* See note on next page.