5.)  One can observe that these pains—

a.)  Appear without evident causes,

b.)  Disappear without any effect,

c.)  Are never the same,

d.)  And impossible to foresee,
which centre will be affected?

-•-  Great Pilgrim affected also
by Primal Energy

***6.)  One can imagine how often
the Great Teachers are subjected
to these tensions

7.)  It cannot be otherwise,
because the Primal Energy is:

a.)  Pulsating in new spheres,
(C)  Very Important: On Sacred Pain*

1.)  Urusvati knows it.

2.)  Physicians would call it as:

•  neuralgia,

•  rheumatism,

•  nervous spasms,

•  inflammation of nerves (

3.)  There may be many diagnoses,
but even an earthly physician will notice
something unusual is taking place!

***4.)  This “something” is
""a pulsation of psychic energy in
Infinity"" !
* From: Agni Yoga, Supermundane, 158.