11.)  Lord Said All Disciples Should
Always Keep On Busying with the
Heaviest Labor of Selfless Service,
Forgetting their own false personality
self, and Even Forgetting Time Itself.  

Welcome especially Young Ones with
Love, Smile and Giving them True
Knowledge for Better Future of
Mankind's Higher Evolution.

Also Always Assist All Serious, Sincere
and Selfless Spiritual Seekers At All
Levels on the Path of Service, Light
and Love.

Even if One Achieve
Illumination that
Open 'Treasure Chest' or Heart, If
Nothing Cultivated AND Not Served
Selflessly for Common Good from Past
and Present Lives, then One Will
Tragically Discover Empty 'Treasure
Chest' !!!
6.)  Lord Said the Synthesis of Wisdom
and Courage is a Strong Guarantee of

7.)  One's Turning Point of Life BEGINS
with Awakening and Changing of One's
Inner Consciousness.

8.)  Lord Said:
Selfless Service IS
the Life of Higher Evolution.

9.)  Indeed, Having "All-Inclusive
Selfless Love and Joy" of Caring,
Giving, Sharing and Service
is Most
Important and Powerful; Enable to Save
Oneself and Others.

10.)  [ SHARING ] True Disciples: are
Seekers, Collectors and GIVERS of
True Knowledge.  They are NOT
spiritually selfish possessors of True