Chapter 8 - End Time and Year 2012

To our best knowledge from now and
here, especially from the year 2006 up
to 2012, is very critically important.  
During these 7 years, many existing old
systems, dogmas, beliefs and life styles
that are not benevolent or in harmony
will collapse and change to New!

Now is the time for Judgment Day and
Second Coming of Christ as some
would call it.
We must choose ourselves and
individually to accept and change to the
new incoming benevolent and higher
vibration energy (by our own free will).  
We must choose ourselves and
individually towards soul liberation or
stubbornly reject this new incoming
energy which is more powerful than the
old energy.  You could reject by doing
nothing and keep on living with the old
energy that is fading faster and faster
each day, and also be trapped and live
in bondage.  The choice is always in
our own hands!

Now is the time for the extraordinary
divine and special grace, and a great
opportunity for the liberation of our
souls from millions of years of bondage
and the endless reincarnation cycle.