Chapter 7 - Service

1. The highest and most effective way
to serve humanity, earth and the
cosmos is to always send out our divine
light and Christ universal love energy
from within our fully awakened (opened)
spiritually heart.

2. Helping others for their soul
liberation is also important.  So
hindering or stopping other’s soul
liberation is the most Evil.

3. Another very important way is
keeping ourselves away from

4. Playing our parts individually or in
groups by practicing and showing by
example for sharing, cooperation,
equality, brother and sisterhood, and
5. Contribute to humanity, all life on
mother earth and mother earth for
higher evolution by serving at any role
we can.

Fear not because we are never alone.  
There is always our guardian angel,
soul family and many masters that
always support us and are with us.  
When we are quiet in mind and heart,
we will feel their presence and guidance.

Fear not because light, love, life and
liberation never fail.