Chapter 6 - More Guidance

1. Please remember that the Kingdom
of God is always only within each one of
us individually, where all the original
ultimate source and truth lies without
any distortion, corruption, manipulation,
disinformation and misguidance.

2. Rapture.  Nobody, no institution and
no authority can come to us and deliver
our own salvation (soul liberation).  We
must and have to do it ourselves and
individually only through practice,
meditation, experiences and
transformation within.
3. Only when we have attained Inner
Spiritual Transformation and Higher
Vibration and Consciousness, we will be
able to transcend from all kinds of
collective thoughts, conditioning,
duality, dogmas, attachments
(bondages) at all 4 levels, and then we
will have salvation.  No more endless
cycle of reincarnation.  This is the real
meaning of Rapture.  Please don’t wait
(do nothing for yourself) for your own

4. Our final destiny, purpose of life and
the goal of every human being is to
attain soul liberation and higher and
continuous consciousness (higher
evolution level).  As a group we will
achieve the same eventually.

5. Only through solitude and stillness
with practice and experiences within are
we able to enter the Kingdom of God.

6. SIN means missing the true target,
goal or purpose of being human.