Chapter 5 – Guidance

1. Self Realization & Soul Liberation
attainable only by self practice,
meditation and experience with inner
spiritual and consciousness

2. Only after Self Realization with an
opened spiritual 3rd eye, we will be able
to see the divineness in everything in
the outside world.

3. Love, help, change and know
yourself first.  Only after our own Self
Realization, we will fully understand all
hidden mystery and truth about
everything.  Then you can effectively
help, serve and love others.

4. Always keep yourself humble, kindful,
thoughtful and respectful even after
your attainment of Self Realization

5. Please remember Initiation and Self
Realization are processes not
ceremonies nor competition.  The
spiritual path is an infinite journey.
6. Please remember even after Self
Realization attainment, we cannot
liberate our soul if we still have any
kinds of deep attachments.

7. True wisdom can only attainable by

8. Everything we do without attachment

9. After Self Realization, we will know
the difference between many true and
false dogmas, teachings and
information.  The truth shall make us
free!  The truth will make us divine.  
Always use our discernment and
wisdom to realize the difference
between the truth and falseness.

10. Whenever we are trying to misuse
anything (control, manipulate, exploit
and possessiveness) even the most
divine will become destructive.