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Regarding Order Of Postings...

November 24, 2019,

Welcome: Brothers, Sisters,
Seekers, Readers and Visitors,

1.)  As We Mentioned Back In
August 2019,
Due To Recent: Series Of Extraordinary,
Dangerous and Important: Worldly Events
Appearing Almost Simultaneously;

We Sometimes Cannot Timely Post Our
Already Chosen List Of: Articles, Topics and
Open Letters – As We Expected And Planned.

Because We Have To First Post:
More Important Priority Topics (Including
First Priority Events Happening To Mankind,
Nation(s) and The World);

So We Apologize For Having To Defer,
Delay & Postpone Articles Of Lesser
Importance Or Urgency.
***2.)  Despite We Already Fore-See and
Fore-Know About Coming Important Events—

If We Cannot Post In Advance (Or Prior To):
Immediate And Coming Important Events —
Due To The Aforementioned
""First Priority,
Post First""
Principle / Policy — And Therefore
Have To Post Later (After Events Are Happening
Or Already Happened)—

But We Will Provide:

 Both The Hidden And Obvious Causes
Of Events.

 Their Subsequent Consequences And

 Guidance (How To Prepare)—
By Higher Knowledge.

 Solutions—To Overcome And Survive
The End Times

3.)  So We Will Keep You Posted Here On
Upcoming Extraordinarily Important Articles
—Synthesized With Chain (Or Series) Of
Unforgettable (
Once In A Lifetime) Worldly
– Before Mankind Is Able To Safely And
Successfully Enter The New Golden Civilization
Topics Are Subject To Change...

(Already Posted):

 (Light Maitreya Way): Agni Yoga Book
One: The Heart – Major Important Topics

 Biblical, Historic & Global: Coronavirus
Infection Outbreak: Causes, Difficulties,
Preparations, Solutions and Salvation

 Advice and Action Plan For:
Now Undeniable ""Global Pandemic""

 Advice and Action Plan For: Coming
""Global Economic And Financial Crises""

(Coming Soon):

 Nations' and Peoples': Heavy Karma
Payback and Tribulations – By Highly
Intelligent and Mighty
ronavirus"" Pandemic Outbreak

 (Light Maitreya Way):
""True Knowledge, Compassion
and Sacrifice"" Part Two

 Essential Guidance For Existing And
Incoming: Californians and Immigrants

 New Higher Sixth Race Souls Coming
To Earth As The Younger Generations
Updated : 2020 Apr 21th :