Extraordinary Time Of Accelerating
(Series Of Important) Events: Notes

August 5, 2019,

To Our Loving: Brothers, Sisters, Seekers,
Readers and Visitors,

1.)  Due To Recent: Series Of Extraordinary,
Dangerous and Important: Worldly Events
Appearing Almost Simultaneously;

We Could Not Timely Post As We Expected
And Planned – Our Already Chosen List Of:
Articles, Topics and Open Letters;

Because We Have To First Post:
More Important Priority Topics (Including
First Priority Events Happening To Mankind,
Nation(s) and The World);

So We Apologize For Having To Defer,
Delay & Postpone Articles Of Lesser
Importance Or Urgency.

3.)  List Of Upcoming: Extraordinarily
Important Articles
– Synthesized With Chain
(Or Series) Of Unforgettable (Once-In-A-
Lifetime) Worldly Events – Before Mankind Is
Able To Safely And Successfully Enter The
New Golden Civilization:

 Open Letter To U.S. Congress, Senate
and All Accountable, Responsible,
Law-Abiding and Justice-Loving
Lawmakers (In All Political Parties) — And
All Concerned Americans and Immigrants.

 Open Letter To Hong Kong.

 Open Letter To Money-Loving &
Money-Worshipping Mankind

 On The Failure Of Christianity and All
Exoteric Organized Major Religions

 (Light Maitreya Way):
"""True Knowledge, Compassion and
Sacrifice""" Part Two
***2.)  Despite We Already Fore-See and
Fore-Know About Coming Important Events—

If We Cannot Post In Advance (Or Prior To):
Immediate And Coming Important Events —
Due To The Aforementioned
""First Priority,
Post First""
Principle / Policy — And Therefore
Have To Post Later (After Events Are Happening
Or Already Happened)—

But We Will Provide:

 Both The Hidden And Obvious Causes
Of Events.

 Their Subsequent Consequences And

 Guidance (How To Prepare)—
By Higher Knowledge.

 Solutions—To Overcome And Survive
The Next Critical 5 ½ Years
Update 2019-11-24: From Now Onwards,
Please See:
***List Of Upcoming Chapters /
*** For Order Of New Postings Info.
Thank You.