[ * 1st: Most Importantly with God;

2nd: Next is with Lord;

3rd: Then Mutual:

(i)  Conformity,

(ii)  Cooperation,

(iii)  Collaboration,

(iv)  Co-Working,

(v)  and Co-Measurement,

With each and
every Member of
Spiritual Hierarchy
Community or Brotherhood);

4th: And every member of smaller
spiritual group
(or Community). ]
(C)  Only Way and Solution:
for Salvation of Own Soul and
Continue Live Forever, by Joining
Higher Evolution

)  """In Truth, Eternally and
Whole Picture: There IS Only One
Real, Lasting and Most Important
Right Relationship—Which Is With

Through After AchievedUnion with
Own Inner: S
piritual Soul (or Lord, or
Buddhic and Christ Consciousness)""".

*2.)  All earthly relationships are just as
stepping stones

To Learn and Achieve Harmonious,
Lasting ""Right Relationships""