13.)  LMW: If People Knew About
""The Resurrection of the Spirit""…
They Would Then Realize

***a.)  Just By Giving Donations to
Churches – One Cannot Enter
""The Kingdom of God""
(Cannot Live Forever)

***b.)  Yet We Can Choose To Live
Forever (""Enter the Kingdom of God"")
Even If We Sinned

i)  Through Genuine Repentance
and Total Self-Correction

ii)  And By Consciously and
Willingly To: ""Clear and Erase Own
Sin(s) — Through Good Deeds (or
Selfless Services)""
Sin and Forgiveness: distortions &
omissions by organized religions

11.)  It Is Pattern of Organized Religions
To Taking Very Lightly About Sins …

Lord pointed out that,
most traditional Catholic Christians
and organized Christian: churches,
pastors and priests–

a.)  Only emphasizing, mentioning and
preaching about: "Christ died and
sacrificed on the Cross for us sinners

b.)  But Never Mention About More
Essentially Important From Christ’s
Teaching for Mankind—
such as:
Resurrection of the Spirit""
[By Total Renunciation] …
Why ?
* As in Bible verses: 1 Corinthians 15:3, 1 Peter 2:24 and Romans 4:25.