13.)  physical appearance of form (and)
Inner Essence of Soul.

14.)  coarse immorality (and)
Refinement by Self-Discipline.

15.)  slavery (ignorant ones)
Mastery (Discipleship)

16.)  expectation of reward (and)
Total Self-Forgetting Sacrifice.

17.)  calculating & touchy (and)
Total Selfless Cooperation.

18.)  total self-serving & self-pitying
8.)  non-permanent & perishable (and)
Permanent & Non-Perishable.

9.)  imprisonment, immobility &
immovability (cause by ‘false sense of
and Total: Detachment
from any sense of personal
ownership, Mobility & Movability

10.)  desire (and)  
Essential Necessity.

11.)  love of money (and)
Making Money for Livelihood.

12.)  busy with chasing worldly fun,
fame & wealth; end up with nothingness
Total Selfless Continuous
Striving; end up Having Eternal Life
and Everything