(A)  Contradistinctions:

1.)  taking (and) Giving.

2.)  intolerance (and)

3.)  competition (and)

4.)  temporary happiness (and)
Eternal Joy.

5.)  sentimentality (and)
Authentic Compassion.

6.)  worldly love (and)
True Compassion.

7.)  worldly blood relationships (and)
Eternal Spiritual Relationships.
(S.) Section II.

(Round 1)

*** Lord said that, disciples must
[ponder], discern and distinguish
between the below-mentioned
summarized essential facts:

[ Notes: dear serious seekers,
neophytes, aspirants and applicants:

If one can fully ponder and understand,
it will be beneficial, helpful and useful
to achieve ""essentially important
foundation and knowledge of True
Spirituality"", because
it is summary
of essential facts we extracted from
Lord’s Books.

Because one who totally, continuously
and deeply pondering from own mind
and heart, will ignite own inner fire, or
! ]