4.)  Master DK explained that,

Anyone with pure and selfless motive—
when regularly meditating for God’s
Plan and All Good:

*a.)  Will eventually and spontaneously
achieve spiritual progress;

*b.)  Lead to Awakening and
Continuous Expanding of their Inner
Helping Hand of
own Master, Lord and Spiritual
(G)  Why do most probationers fail
(to be accepted by Lord and
Spiritual Hierarchy) ?

I.)  Their motive is to get
(not to give):

1.)  Many probationers fail because
always taking.  So why
those chasing
attainment cannot make it

2.)  Even junior disciples do not realize
that they progress—only by giving and

3.)  Even if one is very knowledgeable
or very good at meditating—
but if
(for example):

a.)  spiritually selfish,

b.)  rejects Lord and Spiritual Hierarchy,

Higher Beings will not accept him.