3.)  When probationer:

a.)  Enable to Meet the above-
mentioned Five Requirements;

b.)  Passed Series of Spiritual
Hierarchy: Tests and Trials;

… Then Become ""Accepted Disciple""
2.)  LMW: Disciples on the
Probationary Path—

(I)  Selfless Sharing and Giving for
spiritually serving group, Lord and
Spiritual Hierarchy.

II)  Pure and Selfless Thought.

III)  Ability to Hold Higher Vibration
in order to achieve similar vibration to
own Master (Higher Self) and Lord.

IV)  Ability to Do (Practise) Occult:
Inner Focused Meditation

(V)  And of course, Selfless Services
for God (or All Good)
—which is
always require from each and all levels
of disciples (from neophytes, aspirants
and probationers
to initiates, Masters,
Lord, even Sanat Kumara and Sirius
Great White Lodge)