b.)  Lack co-measurement and

c.)  Assume, then ‘screw up’,

d.)  Become like robot or machine,

e.)  Doing things without thinking and
considering the consequences;

(i)  Lead to causing harm to others,

(ii)  Then bearing bad karma, even
Heavy Karma.

3.)  Mindfulness is as essential for
disciples, as
fighting skill is necessary
for physical warriors (for their survival
and victory);
Section II.

"""Essential Reminders & Guidance
for Seekers and Disciples"""

For all serious, strongly determined
and totally striving
: spiritual seekers,
neophytes, aspirants, applicants,
probationary disciples (and for
accepted disciples
in later sections)…

* * *

(B)  Spiritual Foundation of

1.)  Anyone who is not mindful (or not
attentive / aware), it is sign that their
consciousness is fixed or dead.

2.)  Without mindfulness—
one will:

a.)  Lack awareness,