(C)  Guidance for Approaching
Spiritual Teachings and Spiritual

I.)  Basic teachings and advanced

Spiritual (truth) seekers, neophytes
and aspirants
should know that:

1.)  True Teachings are given
according and corresponding to:

a.)  Each individuals’
point of evolution
(or level of consciousness),

b.)  The particular cycle (or time period)
of humanity.

2.)  So sometimes, an advanced
teaching may seem like paradox,
because more or less: different or
contradicts (on the surface) to some
basic teaching.
a.)  It is foundation they must learn,
in order to survive and carry out their

b.)  Ones
without mindfulness are as
liable to fail or die – as are untrained

4.)  Mindfulness is an essential Bridge
(or Gateway) for Spiritual Awakening
and continuous expanding of one’s
sleeping inner consciousness.

So why Buddha (through Gautama)
to all new students, that they must
first pass ""mindfulness"", before
receiving spiritual teaching.

Also see: Authentic Mindfulness. ]