Fear not of the destruction of the
forms, because all forms are not real.  
They are manifested and created by
our thoughts including our physical
body.  There is no such thing as real
death.  Actually the discarding or
destruction of the physical body is a
transition where the soul is taking a
vacation or rest before it enters
another physical body through
reincarnation to gain more life
experience and wisdom.

So Dear Sisters and Brothers, please
use our own uncorrupted intuition,
feeling and discernment through our
own hearts.  Don’t use our conditioned
brain (mind) because ever since we
were born the brain has been filled
with distortion, misinformation and
false teachings.
Our purpose here is not to create fear,
but to honestly, earnestly and
sincerely share our best of knowledge,
research, inspirations and intuitions.  
We just want to share the Real Truth.  
We are hoping that by sharing we will
be able to save our fellow Sisters and
Brothers regardless of status, race,
culture, power, education, etc.

Sword of Clevage

We are now at a time of self judgment.  
We have to choose between the
conscious – self initiated, self
determined, self induced and self
motivated – Soul Liberation.  Or to
keep on living in darkness by ignoring
our Real and True purpose of being
human despite continuous wake up
calls, true teachings and signals given
to us by the World Teachers and True
Spiritual Teachers since thousands of
years ago.