Chapter 17 - End of the Old Energy
and Time and the Beginning of the

Hello our Dear Blessed Sisters and

We always love all of you (just like our
own family members) beyond
expression, words and measure deep
from within our hearts!

We already know that the Atlantic
civilization was destroyed by the great
flood (water element).

We also noticed that the Mayans and
the Hopi Indians had already set the
year 2012 as the end or the time for
the freeing of all souls.

If we cannot change within ourselves in
time through Soul Liberation and Self
Realization, our forms will very possibly
be destroyed by the fire element!
According to the Holy Bible, “The
heavens will melt with fervent heat!” as
the great cataclysm.

Only those who are prepared,
equipped and attained, and at least
reach the 1st Initiation consciously will
be able to escape this Divine Plan of
the destruction of forms without the
destruction of the physical body.

In order to release, save and liberate
our Divine souls from the imprisoned
house (physical form and body), we
must either destroy the forms that
imprison our souls or through the
process of Soul Liberation and Self
Realization.  The choice is our own to
be made individually.