2.)  God Also Means:
"""State Of Perfection, With Higher

These States Also Have Specific
And Different Localities

a.)  Where Highly-Evolved Divine
Beings Dwelling

b.)  At Least The Buddhic
(Or Buddha) Plane And Above.

c.)  Indeed, There Are Many Gods,
At Many Different Levels and Localities:
Like Higher Fiery And Far-Off Worlds;
Within And Beyond Solar Systems And
(O)  Heavenly Higher

1.)  LMW: Nirvana / Samadhi:

a.)  Is The Highest State Of
Consciousness That Mankind Can
Achieve On Earth.

b.)  Are """States Of Higher
Consciousness—With Spiritual Bliss
and Divine Ecstasy"""

(I)  Bliss Is After Achieved Union With
""Spiritual Soul (aka Buddhic Or Christ
Principle)"" — Become Soul-Infused (or
Soul-Controlled, or Soul-Dominated)

II)  Ecstasy Is After Achieved Union
With """Father In Heaven (aka
Divine Monad)""" — That Is, Reached
Perfection On Earth With Highest State
Samadhi) !