The Spiritual Nature, Signs and
Significance of Nirvana

1.)  It IS the accumulation of All of a
disciple or yogi's spiritual energy and
consciousness, in synthesis and
unified by their own Fiery Heart.

2.)  Disciples achieving Synthesis,
Unify All Three: Spiritual Triad, or
Trinity, Becomes A.U.M.
Atma, Buddhi and Manas).

3.)  Three Spiritual Fires: Fire by
Friction, Solar Fire and Electric Fire

4.)  Three Consciousness Unify into
the Highest, God's Consciousness.

It IS the Real, Forever Lasting
Inner Peace
Chapter 38
Nirvana for Earth Mankind

For Earth Mankind, the Ultimate and
Highest Spiritual State (or Goal)
achievable and attainable while still
living in a physical body (or physically
incarnated) is what Buddhism calls
Nirvana.  It is the Highest State
Attainable by disciples and yogis who
Achieve Harmonious Highest Spiritual
Energy Tension Unification,
After Awakening and Continuous
Expanding of Inner Consciousness.

Nirvana is only attainable through
continuous and wholehearted
Cultivating, Nurturing, Striving and
Training by Highly Evolved Teachers
like Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, etc.  
It can take almost all of One's present
earthly lifetime to achieve, on top of a
series of previous lives dedicated to
similar wholehearted effort and training.

So it is impossible to attain
Nirvana in
just one lifetime of spiritual effort.