***8.)  Always Remember:

I)  There Is NO Forgiveness
From Lords Of Karma
Wrongdoer / Sinner Proportionately
Suffered and Fully Outlived Own
Serious Mistake / Sin

***(II)  There Is NO Mercy From
Lords Of Karma
Without One First
Choose And Practically Serving and
Sacrificing Daily For God (
or All Good,
Or Humanity
) — Out Of Mercy,
Gratitude and Love For God
c.)  We Reap What We Sow—No:
Escape, Excuses, Exemptions,
Loopholes Or Negotiations.

Always Remember:

a.)  """
All Those Who Consciously,
Fully And Daily Expressing As Original,
Inner Spiritual Soul Nature"""…

Are Affirm To Enter
"""Heaven On New Earth"""

b.)  But All Those Still Stubbornly And
Wrongly Expressing As secondary:
"earthly conditioned personality"

Must Depart To Corresponding Hell-
Like, Un-Evolved And Lower Worlds
after they die this lifetime, mainly
before 2025
) !!!
* Including fair numbers of extremely selfish
& separative 6th ray personalities in America.