5.)  In other words, hell is:

a.)  Through human consciousness
lower manas).

b.)  State of mind (or perception)
subject to extreme:

•  agony,

•  discomfort,

•  grief,

•  lacking peace,

•  misery,

•  sorrow,

•  terror.

c.)  Beyond one’s endurance, tolerance
and imagination
Section VI.

(M)  Meaning Of Hell

1.)  Lord disclosed in The Book of
, that:

a.)  Hells really exist,

b.)  Including cases of serious sinners
and Heavy Karma bearers burning in
extreme agony.

LMW: Exoteric religions and
teachings believe hell is locality (place)
– by thinking in materialistic / physical
terms only.

3.)  Whenever mention
suffering, we
mean ""state of mental agony or terror"",

4.)  As one can suffering—whether in
own home, a mansion worth millions of
dollars, or in the wilderness