5.)  Sincerity of Spirit.

6.)  Honesty of mind.

7.)  Detachment from all temporary
and worldly

8.)  Fearless.

9.)  Never Hypocrite.

10.)  Always Obedient, Devoted
and Reverent to God.
REFERENCE for our Loving
Sisters and Brothers

Let us Recall Our Actual, Original State;
Spiritual Soul* Nature Qualities:

1.)  Only Desires to Serve God.

2.)  All-Inclusive Love.

3.)  Genuine Love by
Wholeheartedly: Giving, Caring,
Sharing and Serving.

4.)  Love and Joy of Sacrificial,
Selfless Service.
* Also known as: Higher Self, aka Buddhic or Christ
Consciousness, or Solar Angel;
NOT human soul.