***b.)  True Forgiveness Means, ""By
Wisdom, Consciously and Willingly
Disengage From Karmic Bonds
Requiring Endless Clearing.""

(i)  Forgiveness Strictly Applies To
""The Wisdom Of Never Seeking

ii)  Because ""Revenge Begetting
Endless Revenges""

***c.)  So Why Lord Advised:

i)  Always Forgive, Never Revenge!

(ii)  Always Let The Lords Of Karma
Taking Care Of Other’s Deeds
Karmic Bond Between Victim and

8.)  From Agni Yoga, Brotherhood, 445:

True, the forgiving one did not
intervene in the karma of the forgiven
one and thus has not made it more
burdensome, but the very law of karma
remains with both participants.

9.)  LMW: As Karmic Law Binds
Together Participants Engaging By
Action and Reaction (Or Energy

For Example: When Both Victim and
Offender Are Equally Resentful and

So Why Victim (or Oppressed)
Must Always Forgive to Offender
(or Oppressor)—

a.)  In Order To Totally Escape and
Free From ""Karmic Bond To
Oppressor"" Forever