Earthly longevity not important to
Selfless Ones

***7.)  But Most Virtuous, Righteous
and Selfless Ones, Especially
Disciples – Live Shorter Lives and
Choose To Depart After They Fully
Accomplish Their Assigned Tasks—

a.)  Because They Prefer To Take On
Greater Assigned Tasks, And Come
Back To Carry Out –
In New Body;

b.)  Instead Of Longer Living – In
Outworn And Falling Apart, Physical
Form (
Literal Suffering).

Even If Still Healthy – They Have
No Desire To Live For: Comfortable,
Complacent And ‘Having Fun’ On Earth,
Until Old Age.

d.)  They Want To Use Their Precious
Time For GOD or All Good.
6.)  From Agni Yoga: Book Two:*

a.)  “Tell the new ones that the
responsibility for thoughts has
to be realized
. Formerly, one was
responsible for action; later the
significance of the word was
understood; and
now it is time to
know the conflagration of thought

It is better to learn silence and to
purify one's thoughts.

Can the roar of a tiger possibly be
worse than treacherous thinking?

“Not only for its actions but
also for its thinking does humanity
accumulate a grave karma. Thought
inflicts tortures on the spirit
, for
there is no difference between word
and thought.

* Agni Yoga, Book Two: Illumination (1952); II; XII; 1.