Group Service Always Above and
Higher Than One’s Inner Spiritual
Achievement and Development

“Unless inner growth finds
expression in group service, the
man treads a dangerous road.”

1.)  Master DK Reminded That,

a.)  Disciple’s Spiritual Attainments,
Developments And Progress

i)  Only Incidental
(or acquired as needed)

(ii)  Not The Goal of Evolution,
Nor God’s Intent

b.)  The Goal of Evolution and
God’s Intent
For Each and All
Incarnated ""Spiritual Souls (or
IS Selfless Service and
Sacrifices For God’s Plans
Light Middle Way Update
March 2018

Hello again Brothers, Sisters, Readers
and Seekers
!  Always thanks for your
patience and loving understanding

* * *

Section I.

(A)  ""Brotherhood Of Light""
Occult Meditation:
Additional Important Facts

[ Also see: ""Brotherhood of Light"":

Occult Schools & Branches

Planned Future Spiritual Schools

Essentially Important about Occult
Meditation  ]