[ Notes: Canada (?): Master DK did not
mention a specific school in Canada, so
we do not know yet.  Makes sense for
Canadian spiritual seekers to come to
USA spiritual schools.

I)  New York: Although a global
financial center, and one of the energy
centers of the ""Lord of the World"";
even New York state and whole East
Coast of USA is without assignment as
future spiritual school.

II)  According to HPB, the East Coast
of USA is under process of
disintegration, and will probably and
eventually submerge underwater;

While the West Coast is undergoing
Reconstruction of old and outworn
structures and systems.

III)  Also see: Note-A below. ]
(C)  Planned Future Spiritual

 Entire USA and Americas

Preparatory School: In the southern
part of Midwest, USA, [probably

Advanced School: California will be
one of the first to open a spiritual
, [probably after Day of

… And an extensive occult college
in California in a place later to be
revealed. This school will be one of the
first started when the Great Lord begins
His earthly career, …

* According to Master DK, through Alice Bailey, Letters on Occult Meditation