4.)  Master DK revealed that
California State

a.)  Is a Sunshine
[Sunlight is Christ or Buddhic energy],

b.)  Has relatively more clean and
fresh air,

c.)  Has vortices of ancient higher

So Sunlight* Is:

(i)  Good for purifying the etheric and
physical body; free from germs and

i)  Good for mental activity;
less prone to suffer depression.

i)  Suitable for Spiritual Development
of: Aspirants, Probation and Accepted
Because USA Nation:

a.)  Has a 2nd Ray Soul
(Personality is on 6th Ray).

b.)  Is a land of abundance, creativity,
freedom and fastest development.

3.)  USA has the highest number of
goodwill people giving and sharing to
everywhere around the world.

For example:

a.)  The highest giving in terms of
money – from billionaires, millionaires
and ordinary people.

b.)  Less known, extraordinary ones –
who sold their homes and moved to
poorer countries – to help or teach
needy communities.
* Near future, at right time, we will reveal more about
mystery and secret of sun: electricity, light & radiation.