Lord Reminded that all disciples must
Watch One's
Every Single Thought,
make sure always "Goal-Fitting
Thought" at every moment, every day.  
This way, Assure To Fully Protecting
from Evil Wicked dark one's attacks,
Thought Blows.

Because of dark one's Mental Attacks
by Continuously and Forcefully
sending and transmitting Deadly,
Destructive, Explosive and Most
Poisonous Thoughts, One Unable to
Protect by ALL other earthly ways!

So Only Protectable By Totally Selfless
Goal-Fitting Thoughts" with JOY and
FEARLESS Every Moment, Every Day.
Know It or Not, Like It or Not: When One
Holding negative thoughts, one is
actually serving dark masters.

Negative Thought is most poisonous,
much more Deadly and Poisonous than
poison gas.  People try to protect
themselves (with gas masks) against
physical world poisonous gas, but they
Do Not Realize, Know and Fail to
Protect themselves from much more
Deadly, Dangerous and Powerful

Lord Explained about how important
One Holding "
Goal-Fitting Thoughts"
will even Protect from Poisonous and
Polluted Air, or by Collective Poisonous
'Out Breath' from all those who holding
thoughts of Envy, Hatred, Vengeance
and Destructiveness, especially at End
Times or Fiery Armageddon Now.  

"Goal-Fitting Thoughts" with JOY will
attract the Highest Spiritual Energies
from Space and Become the
Powerful Armor