Life with fear (mind) is hell on Earth
and life with Love (Heart) is Heaven on
Earth.  We have authority or power of
choice between life with fear or life with
Love.  Others can try their best to
influence our choice but at the end we
make the choice (free will).  Therefore
we must only blame ourselves for life
with fear.  The selfish top few will
always influence or push us to trust or
use our mind through any and all
methods.  The selfish top few want us
to live a life with absolute fear.

Real, pure and true Love is within our
Heart because real, pure and true
Love comes from the Divine.  We
cannot connect with the Divine through
our mind because the mind is based
on fear.  We must connect with the
Divine through our Heart.  This is a
Global Uprising of the Heart (Love -
Selfless - Divine) or the
Evolution of
the Heart
(Love - Selfless – Divine).
Evolution is always successful because
Evolution is from the Divine and the
Divine always prevail.  Evolution is
always Selfless and for the greater
good because the Divine is always
Selfless and for the greater good.

We are inspired by the Divine to
initiate this Global Uprising, so it is an
Evolution.  Evolutions always prevail
because it is Divine.  Revolutions can
be suppressed or defeated because it
is from our mind and it is based on
fear.  Since revolutions are based on
fear, they are already defeated even
before beginning, and it is always
flawed and weak.  Fear can never
defeat Love.

Even though we are inspired by the
Divine, we still have to choose to unite
with the Global Uprising (Evolution)
with our own free will.  We must always
be honest and sincere with ourselves.  
If we unite based on our mind (fear -
selfish) then we are actually not uniting
because we are not being honest or
sincere with ourselves.