Most importantly:

•  Giving and showing to mankind
the way to achieve clean, unlimited
""Free Energy"" for ALL (so no more
dependence on mineral or fossil fuels).

•  A Plan to totally eliminate
all greed
and war
; and to achieve Long-Lasting
Peace on Earth

•  Become “1 Planet, 1 Nation, 1 Race.”  
So allow mankind to join the Universal

So it is worthy to study, understand and
support (ONLY if one agree), by
applying and complying with the
Spaceship Institutes’::plans,
missions and teachings.
May 16, 2016

Dear Truth Seekers,

As Lord Maitreya said, whosoever is
genuinely, seriously and sincerely
Striving for the Common Good, we
should cooperate with and work

We wish to bring to the attention of all
Truth seekers:

An extraordinary world-class nuclear
and free energy scientist, Mr. Mehran
T. Keshe, at the Spaceship Institute
(SSI), whose Selfless::motives, ideas,
plans, mission and teachings are
beautiful, benevolent and beneficial for
the Common Good of ALL.