3.)  When the entire being,
or the entire Tower [of SH],

a.)  Without any sound uttering,

b.)  """Is overwhelming by Total

4.)  Then True Power comes
as below-process):

***a.)  Surging Energy lead to
achieve Higher Tension

b.)  Generates Energy,

c.)  That permits Communion with the
Higher World;

d.)  Receiving Higher Energies from
Higher World;
Approachable Basic Guideline for:
Agni Yoga: Supermundane

* * *

(PART 3) Supermundane: 89 – 129.

* * *

# 89.)  Power of Total Silence

1.)  Urusvati understands this kind of
Total Silence.

***2.)  Both microcosm (individual
disciples) and ‘Medium or Bridge
(Spiritual Hierarchy) between
microcosm and Macrocosm’ are
under similar process.